Ready, Set, Tell! Discover the Storyteller Within You

Public speaking is an important life skill. Storytelling helps students and adults feel more comfortable speaking in front of an audience. Explore the elements that lead to finding, learning, developing and performing a story. Experience creative activities designed to help you begin using storytelling in the classroom, at home and in your workplace.

Once Upon A Time … Storytelling and Creative Writing

Storytelling inspires creative writing. We teach the process of oral editing as a tool for creative writing.

Turning Points™ If You Can Tell It – You Can Write It!

Through storytelling activities, students and adults develop a personal narrative.  They also develop a deeper understanding of how the turning points in their lives have caused personal growth, change and the recognition of important universal lessons.

Storytelling – A Family Affair

Sharing and investigating family stories is a way of opening lines of communication, sharing information, history and is just plain fun. This workshop can be used as a family involvement evening, a storytelling and creative writing project for students or an intergenerational storytelling experience.

Don’t See It Here? – Ask For It!

Customized workshops, artist-in-residence programs or assemblies to fit your group’s specific needs and educational goals.