Programs and Workshops

“Since the last presentation in January, the children in my class have been wildly enthusiastic about requesting “WonderWeaver” stories from the media center. We have started our own WonderWeaver box of good telling stories and the children link what they heard to daily experiences, such as, ‘a promise is a promise’ or ‘it’s OK to be different, just like a square egg.’ I highly recommend the WonderWeavers to anyone wanting to enrich their character building programs and promote good literature at the same time.” — L. Kunnick, Crestview Elementary School, Brooklyn Park, MN


Stories Alive! / Books Alive!

Reading and stories go hand in hand. In this lively program your favorite stories and books come alive with our unique blend of storytelling. Using audience participation, puppets, props and magic, this program promotes literacy and reinforces the importance of reading for people of all ages.

Out of the Magic Pot – Stories that Cook and Simmer

Add a dash of imagination and a cup of fun, stir well. Together we will pull stories out of magic cooking pot.

A Bug Jamboree

The bugs are all a-buzzing and you won’t want to miss this creepy, crawly rollicking rumpus of great stories and the instrumental June Bug Jug Band.

Fe Fi Fo Fun!

A new way to look at the old fairy tales. Stories of gentle giants, frivolous fairies and terrific trolls. These stories carry your students into the land of make believe one giant step at a time.

Kings, Queens and Other Royal Things

WonderWeavers become the bards of the middle ages telling stories of brave princesses, wise queens, and sometimes foolish kings, tales of dragons, adventures and quests. Perfect for medieval castle units, this program can also be extended into a full residency for your students.

I’m Great – You’re Terrific!

Telling stories from many cultures, WonderWeavers celebrate diversity, promote self-esteem, practice conflict resolution, and encourage cooperation.

Everyday is Earth Day!

Enjoy new stories and favorite old tales that teach ways to care for nature, the environment and our world.



Ready, Set, Tell! Discover the Storyteller Within You

Public speaking is an important life skill. Storytelling helps students and adults feel more comfortable speaking in front of an audience. Explore the elements that lead to finding, learning, developing and performing a story. Experience creative activities designed to help you begin using storytelling in the classroom, at home and in your workplace.

Once Upon A Time … Storytelling and Creative Writing

Storytelling inspires creative writing. We teach the process of oral editing as a tool for creative writing.

Turning Points™ If You Can Tell It – You Can Write It!

Through storytelling activities, students and adults develop a personal narrative.  They also develop a deeper understanding of how the turning points in their lives have caused personal growth, change and the recognition of important universal lessons.

Make Way For Picasso™ Extending Stories with Art

Storytelling awakens the imagination to nourish creative energy. We will present hands-on art projects inspired by the stories we share. Students will create their own art piece then tell or write a story about their project.

Storytelling – A Family Affair

Sharing and investigating family stories is a way of opening lines of communication, sharing information, history and is just plain fun. This workshop can be used as a family involvement evening, a storytelling and creative writing project for students or an intergenerational storytelling experience.


Don’t See It Here? – Ask For It!

Customized workshops, artist-in-residence programs or assemblies to fit your group’s specific needs and educational goals.