Storytelling, a Key to Create MediaWise® Children and Families

In a time of technological advancement and an information explosion, our children and families are experiencing an imagination deficit. Many of us do not remember a time without computers and television.

In this interactive and fun presentation, Tina Rohde and Colleen Shaskin, will have participants learning about how media affects brain development.  They will explore choices and alternatives that children and families have to becoming healthy, happier and smarter. 

Stories and storytelling tools will be used to deliver the National Institute on Media and the Family's important message. Through the use of these tools, participants will learn how they can create effective media choices and an Imagination Deficit Solution™.

Tina and Colleen are both certified MeidaWise® training facilitators.


Click Your Heels 3 Times

Using the Power of Storytelling to Bring Educational Concepts Home

Tina Rohde and Colleen Shaskin will take you on a walk down the yellow brick road that leads to educational competency. They will show you how storytelling is an easily accessible and valuable learning tool that can be used to teach and reinforce basic concepts.

Tina and Colleen will discuss why storytelling is an excellent way to enhance problem solving skills.  They will empower and encourage participants to use ìStorytellingî as a link between imagination and education.


Tell Your Story!

Building an Effective Bridge between Communication and Listening

Whether talking to a friend, parent or potential business prospect storytelling is an effective element in making yourself heard.  Humans talk and remember in story.

Tina Rohde and Colleen Shaskin will discuss and lead you through storytelling activities that will impact your daily lives. Participants will be able to explore some of the universal truths that stories can share. In sharing our stories bridges are built and communities formed. In the building of these communities active listening is also reinforced.

Participants will also develop a deeper understanding of how the turning points in their lives have caused personal growth, change and the recognition of important universal lessons.